Riess LeMieux is pleased to announce that Liz Lambert was recognized as a member of the 2023 New Orleans CityBusiness Leadership in Law class and recognized in a special publication and at a reception at the New Orleans Museum of Art to celebrate the honorees.

Liz is a partner and represents contractors, owners, insurers, self-insureds and subcontractors in personal injury and complex property damage claims. Liz has represented clients in claims relating to commercial buildings, highways, bridges, and various other construction sites relating to contractual breaches, delay damages and construction defects including moisture intrusion, roof damage, structural defects, and construction vibration damage. Prior to joining the firm, Liz served as a Senior Assistant Parish Attorney for Jefferson Parish. Due to her background, she has a particular focus on working with clients relating to construction-related issues when dealing with governmental processes.

Leadership in Law honors attorneys in the New Orleans area who not only excel in the legal world, but also in the community. Included in the publication is a statement from each attorney detailing their journey into the legal industry and a case they felt was rewarding or memorable.

Liz’s Statement is below, which can also be found at the following link:

Graduating from Louisiana State University in Alexandria in 2007 with a Bachelor of Science, Liz Lambert particularly loved writing and reading and was contemplating what else to get into that would allow her to actively pursue those interests.

Entering the law quickly became apparent to Lambert, who had formerly served as a librarian with the Rapides Public Library, receiving a Juris Doctor from the Loyola University New Orleans School of Law in 2010.

Specializing in commercial litigation and construction law, among other areas, Lambert is, in fact, steeped in writing and reading. “To this day, I prefer to print my case material out, read it, and highlight important sections,” laughed Lambert.

Serving as a Senior Assistant Parish Attorney for Jefferson Parish, Lambert said she greatly enjoyed the world of “procuring contracts, and procuring the goods and services needed for various infrastructure projects in the parish.”

Lambert shortly signed on with Riess LeMieux, where she was made a partner in 2019.

“The field I am in is different every day,” said Lambert. “The issues that come up are novel and unique. A lot of attorneys talk about ‘form work,’ where you simply fill out a form and do this and that, crafting it for your clients.”

“But that’s not something that really applies to the construction world, because here everything is unique, everything is different, and that’s what I like about it,” she added. “You can’t get bored doing it.”

And when the end product is the actual building of a structure, said Lambert, “that could not be more exciting.”

Out of the office, Lambert has participates in the Susan G. Komen New Orleans Race for the Cure.